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Stormy Day Sunset

This year late spring and early summer has been a weird time.  Working around the house, a new position at work, and other matters of life has kept us very busy.  The one thing that has suffered was photography.  I just never made the time to grab my camera and go.  Finally one night a storm rolled through early evening and was clearing up around sunset.  Looking out our window Cindy suggested that I should just take a drive and see if something happens.  So I loaded up the truck and headed to a spot where I have never have taken photos at before.


I wasn’t sure at first when the sun started going down if there would be any color, but I felt the anticipation building.


The more I stood there and watched the changing colors, the more I felt the creative juices starting to slowly flow in me.


I guess for me after the Iditarod I had lost the drive to go out and take photos.  Or maybe, I just needed a good kick in the butt to get out and find the beauty of nature again.


Either way I think this sunset is what I needed.

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2018 Senior Photos: so far

It’s been a great photography season for high school seniors,  we had the pleasure to work with some very great young adults.  This year we stretched out a bit with the locations and ideas, some were ours and the others came from the parents and the students.


We had a couple of trombone players which we were able to give each a little different flare to their sessions, this included an old caboose and some power poles.


We were given access to an old barn by a friend of two of the parents.  This turned out to be a great location because later in the afternoon it provided great light and color inside.


There is a bridge in a park in Manitowoc  which I think every photographer comes to when it’s senior photo season, but in our case, the young woman was not from the area so it will be new to anyone seeing her photos.  We do try to find different locations so that each photo looks fresh.


Cindy and I used for the first time an old, but still being used factory in the heart of the city this year.  I am sure it is used by many photographers, but with our lens selection and lighting I think we came up with a great back drop for photos.


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Horse Pulls II


Cindy and I recently attended horse pulls in the little town of Collins WI.  This was the second time I had seen the pulls and am amazed of the size and strength of the beautiful animals.


Between the pulls, I was able to talk to some of the drivers, they were all very friendly and answer questions while they waited for their turn to pull.  I also had met up with an old co-worker who remembered his father having horses on the farm and the trouble he would get into riding the horses bare back, and lots of other stories he was telling about growing up with the horses.


After each round of pulls, more weight was stacked on the sled forcing the teams to work harder to complete their pulls of 27 and a half feet.


It was a fun, but very hot July day, we are planning on attending more in the future.


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Candid Engagement Assignment

A few weeks ago I was approached by a co-worker and ask if I would be willing to take some photos of him proposing to his girl friend.  He was going to do it on a break water going to the lighthouse in Manitowoc.  Of course I said yes, and he filled me in on some of what he was going to do and when.  The day of the proposal the weather was bad, the rain had ended but the wind was blowing over 25 MPH and it was cold.  I arrived just ahead of the couple and took some photos of the waves crashing over the breakwater waiting for them to come past.  When they arrived I made a little small talk and told them I was done and they could walk past and I started photographing in the opposite direction.  I was able to take some great photos that they were both very happy with.  Thanks Heidi and William for letting me be part of your special moment.  Here are just a couple of the photos.






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Iditarod 2017 #2

A couple of days after the Iditarod mushers banquet, they run the ceremonial start in downtown Anchorage.  At the curb line of the street, snow fence is set up to keep the fans away from the dogs, then the night before the start, the city brings in 140 truck loads of snow to make the track that the teams will run on.  There is an 11 mile course that travels from the downtown to a park on the South side of Anchorage.  People will line the trail and cheer the mushers and dogs as they pass.  There is tailgating and dressing up in unique outfits, it was our plan to get photos along the trail but it didn’t work out this year.  Overall  it is quite an event.


We were given the opportunity to work as “trail guards” to keep people off the street and out of areas that they didn’t have passes to be in, this also gave us access to be right next to the track.  Thanks Shawn!!!  Each team left the starting line in the order of their bib numbers at two minutes intervals.  There is an auction where people bid for the opportunity to ride in the sled during the 11 mile run. This will usually cost over one thousand dollars and to ride with one of the more popular mushers it will cost over five thousand.


Since this was our first year at the Iditarod we had no idea were we would be, what equipment to use, what setting to use on the camera, so we just played and blasted away.  Since we were working at trail guards, we couldn’t photograph each team, we had to keep an eye on the fans to keep them and the dogs safe.  So here are some of our photos that turned out the best.  For our first time I think we did OK.


Another blog to follow soon.

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Iditarod 2017 #1

For Cindy’s birthday I surprised her with a flight and tickets to the “mushers banquet” in Anchorage Alaska.  This is an event where the mushers that have entered the Iditarod dog sled race choose there bib numbers for the order in which to start the race.  Right after the musher chooses the number they give a short thank you speech to all the people that support them in the race, then they come off the stage and sign autographs.  I would guess there were about 100 people standing in line to get things signed.  Most of the people had posters that were given out at the banquet, but one lady had an Iditarod Monopoly game that all the mushers got a kick out of.



The top photos are with Dallas Seavey, who has won the last 3 races, and the bottom photo is with Aliy Zirkle, Cindy’s favorite, and her husband Allen Moore.  We had a great night and met a wonderful lady Shawn Sanders who was able to get us onto the street for the Ceremonial start of the race that happened two days later.  Shawn has the mushers sign a t-shirt which she will auction off after the race and give the proceeds to a couple that lost a grand child.


It was a great night.  More blogs to come.

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Published Again

I just found out that the Midwest Review will be using one of my photos again this year.  I believe this is the fourth year in a row.  Last year the chose three photos.   This is unpaid, but it’s still getting published.   YAY  Here’s the photo that they chose.