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Winter Wonderland

It’s been a strange winter here in Wisconsin.  Cindy and I did not get much photographing done this year over winter.  One exception was a snow storm on January 25.  We received 4.1 inches of wet heavy snow, huge flakes that stuck on everything, and hardly any wind to blow the snow off of the trees and plants.  That morning was magical.  I unfortunately I could not get off of work that day but luckily Cindy was able to take a half day and get out and enjoy the scenery.


There are some very nice parks in Manitowoc, that if few people are there you would swear you were in the country somewhere.  Silver Creek Park is one of them.  Lots of photos are taken on this bridge, from graduation to weddings, but with a fresh coat of snow it took on a very special feel.


The storm had just moved out over Lake Michigan with it’s dark and ominous clouds, which gave a nice contrast to the fresh white snow.


Lincoln Park is also a great place to take photos all year long.  With the pine tree rising, seemingly, out of the tree in front of it, produced a very interesting subject.


Shortly afterwards the clouds started to break up and the blue skies appeared give a great contrast to the photos.



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