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Two Weeks to Rural Art Tour


We are down to less that two weeks until the Rural Art  Roadtrip begins.  Between a vacation and a surgery we are fast running out of time to get ready for our first big art show.  We had talked to our host person (Tom from Tom’s Barnboard Arts in Kiel WI) a couple of months ago and he stated not to be surprised of over 2000 people a day show up.  That a little more than daunting, its beginning (no it already there) to feel overwhelming.  One of our concerns is how much inventory to you stock.  On one hand to sell out would be great, but we don’t want to run out and have nothing to show people or to have to store a lot of unsold prints.  We have come up with a plan we hope will work.

So if anyone is free on October 7, 8, and 9 come on out and take a look at some of the great artist in the area.  There are 11 sites to visit and somewhere around 45 artisans showing there creations.  If you go to http://www.ruralartsroadtrip.com you can get a map or they will have them at each stop.  We will be at stop #2.  Hope to see some of you out and about.


The view of my office and my style of organization.  Things will get better in the next few days.   I hope.


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