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Iditarod 2017 #1

For Cindy’s birthday I surprised her with a flight and tickets to the “mushers banquet” in Anchorage Alaska.  This is an event where the mushers that have entered the Iditarod dog sled race choose there bib numbers for the order in which to start the race.  Right after the musher chooses the number they give a short thank you speech to all the people that support them in the race, then they come off the stage and sign autographs.  I would guess there were about 100 people standing in line to get things signed.  Most of the people had posters that were given out at the banquet, but one lady had an Iditarod Monopoly game that all the mushers got a kick out of.



The top photos are with Dallas Seavey, who has won the last 3 races, and the bottom photo is with Aliy Zirkle, Cindy’s favorite, and her husband Allen Moore.  We had a great night and met a wonderful lady Shawn Sanders who was able to get us onto the street for the Ceremonial start of the race that happened two days later.  Shawn has the mushers sign a t-shirt which she will auction off after the race and give the proceeds to a couple that lost a grand child.


It was a great night.  More blogs to come.


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