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Iditarod 2017 #2

A couple of days after the Iditarod mushers banquet, they run the ceremonial start in downtown Anchorage.  At the curb line of the street, snow fence is set up to keep the fans away from the dogs, then the night before the start, the city brings in 140 truck loads of snow to make the track that the teams will run on.  There is an 11 mile course that travels from the downtown to a park on the South side of Anchorage.  People will line the trail and cheer the mushers and dogs as they pass.  There is tailgating and dressing up in unique outfits, it was our plan to get photos along the trail but it didn’t work out this year.  Overall  it is quite an event.


We were given the opportunity to work as “trail guards” to keep people off the street and out of areas that they didn’t have passes to be in, this also gave us access to be right next to the track.  Thanks Shawn!!!  Each team left the starting line in the order of their bib numbers at two minutes intervals.  There is an auction where people bid for the opportunity to ride in the sled during the 11 mile run. This will usually cost over one thousand dollars and to ride with one of the more popular mushers it will cost over five thousand.


Since this was our first year at the Iditarod we had no idea were we would be, what equipment to use, what setting to use on the camera, so we just played and blasted away.  Since we were working at trail guards, we couldn’t photograph each team, we had to keep an eye on the fans to keep them and the dogs safe.  So here are some of our photos that turned out the best.  For our first time I think we did OK.


Another blog to follow soon.


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