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Stormy Day Sunset

This year late spring and early summer has been a weird time.  Working around the house, a new position at work, and other matters of life has kept us very busy.  The one thing that has suffered was photography.  I just never made the time to grab my camera and go.  Finally one night a storm rolled through early evening and was clearing up around sunset.  Looking out our window Cindy suggested that I should just take a drive and see if something happens.  So I loaded up the truck and headed to a spot where I have never have taken photos at before.


I wasn’t sure at first when the sun started going down if there would be any color, but I felt the anticipation building.


The more I stood there and watched the changing colors, the more I felt the creative juices starting to slowly flow in me.


I guess for me after the Iditarod I had lost the drive to go out and take photos.  Or maybe, I just needed a good kick in the butt to get out and find the beauty of nature again.


Either way I think this sunset is what I needed.


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