Corey and Cindy Hoppenrath are Wisconsin based photographers located in the city on Manitowoc on the Lake Michigan coast.  Click on the “Web Home Page” button on the top of the page to be directed to their web site.


2 comments on “About

  1. Beautiful pictures…………you have captured so much detail. I cant wait to be able to understand my new camera to be able to take as awesome pictures as you have.

    • Hi Sadie. Thanks for the kind words. It has taken us a while working with the cameras t finely be able to get the photos that we see when we come upon a scene that we find interesting. The one book I would suggest which might help you understand your camera is from Laurie Excell, called “Composition: From Snapshots to Great Shots”. I see there is an new edition out now. I have the first edition and thought it explained everything very well. Good luck in you future photographing. Hopefully we will be updating some of our photos soon so stop back and see the new photos.
      Thanks again for looking

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