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Black and White with a Little Color

Joe’s mother stated she loved black an white photographs, and she wanted to see a lot of the photos that way.  After the rough editing, we converted quite a few to black and white and showed them along with the color versions.  But a couple we had fun with and recolored some of the photo just to add pop to the picture.  The must of liked them because some were picked for the photos that we supplied to them.


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Senior Photo Serendipity

A few weeks ago Cindy and I were photographing Lindsey, a local high school senior.  The afternoon started off very nice, some passing clouds and nice temps.  But as the day went on and the more locations we went to, the more the clouds rolled in.  Unfortunately it was getting late and the light levels were dropping so fast that we had to stop shooting.  While talking to Lindsey and her mother in the parking lot of our last location I noticed that the clouds were breaking up a little and there might be a interesting sun set.  Within less than 5 minutes we went from a dark gray skies to some of the most beautiful oranges I had ever seen, back to dark gray.

Luckily we had all the camera equipment handy, I gave Cindy a flash to hold and grabbed Lindsey and quickly posed her for about 15 shots before we lost the light.  I’m sure glad everything was handy and we were prepared, otherwise we would have missed the shot.  It also helps to be lucky sometimes.


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Two Weeks to Rural Art Tour


We are down to less that two weeks until the Rural Art  Roadtrip begins.  Between a vacation and a surgery we are fast running out of time to get ready for our first big art show.  We had talked to our host person (Tom from Tom’s Barnboard Arts in Kiel WI) a couple of months ago and he stated not to be surprised of over 2000 people a day show up.  That a little more than daunting, its beginning (no it already there) to feel overwhelming.  One of our concerns is how much inventory to you stock.  On one hand to sell out would be great, but we don’t want to run out and have nothing to show people or to have to store a lot of unsold prints.  We have come up with a plan we hope will work.

So if anyone is free on October 7, 8, and 9 come on out and take a look at some of the great artist in the area.  There are 11 sites to visit and somewhere around 45 artisans showing there creations.  If you go to http://www.ruralartsroadtrip.com you can get a map or they will have them at each stop.  We will be at stop #2.  Hope to see some of you out and about.


The view of my office and my style of organization.  Things will get better in the next few days.   I hope.

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Photos Delivered

Today we gave our latest senior her photo proofs from a session earlier this week.  We heard back later that the family loved the photos,  and even the mother cried a little.  Better yet the senior really like all of them.  After they make the final choice of which ones they wish to use, I will post some.  We are feel very satisfied when we get good feed back.

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Rural Arts Roadtrip


Cindy and I met with the host at his property where we will be setting up to show and sell our photographs for the art tour.  Tom is a very nice guy who does art with old barn boards,  and he does make picture frames, so that will work great if someone just wants to buy an unframed print.  He is located right in Kiel at the intersection of two state highways, so we should have great visibility.

There will also be an artist that does metal work at the site.  Now all we can hope for is a great weather weekend and lots of people, hopefully buying lots of photos.

We will keep updating this blog as the time draws near.  We are now trying to decide which  photos to have printed.  Sometimes the ones we think are the best are not the ones most people like.  So we might have some people over for a “slideshow night” to help us decide.

If you would like more information you can go to.


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Senior Photos Around Manitowoc

The school year is ending, and the the next group of seniors will be getting ready for their last year of high school.  We already have begun taking appointment for senior photos, and have been contacted by by more people wanting information.  So if you or some of your friends are looking for a photographers send us a email or give us a call to talk about what we could do for you.


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Winter Wonderland

It’s been a strange winter here in Wisconsin.  Cindy and I did not get much photographing done this year over winter.  One exception was a snow storm on January 25.  We received 4.1 inches of wet heavy snow, huge flakes that stuck on everything, and hardly any wind to blow the snow off of the trees and plants.  That morning was magical.  I unfortunately I could not get off of work that day but luckily Cindy was able to take a half day and get out and enjoy the scenery.


There are some very nice parks in Manitowoc, that if few people are there you would swear you were in the country somewhere.  Silver Creek Park is one of them.  Lots of photos are taken on this bridge, from graduation to weddings, but with a fresh coat of snow it took on a very special feel.


The storm had just moved out over Lake Michigan with it’s dark and ominous clouds, which gave a nice contrast to the fresh white snow.


Lincoln Park is also a great place to take photos all year long.  With the pine tree rising, seemingly, out of the tree in front of it, produced a very interesting subject.


Shortly afterwards the clouds started to break up and the blue skies appeared give a great contrast to the photos.